Louis Ross

A collection of best practices and lessons learned – hope you find a pro tip or two you can use!

Ring, Ring! Your Brand is on the Line

rotary dial phone

While the actual caller is a customer, the fact is that your most important asset is being put to the test on every phone call.  Every email, online chat, or interaction with your company is an opportunity for a call center agent to make or break the reputation of the company.  Often times, in today’s online, self-service world, the interaction with the customer service agent is the only dialogue the customer will have with the company.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are your agents great ambassadors of the company? Do you treat them as such?
  • Are they well trained?
  • Do your agents have a leadership team cheering them on – listening to and supporting them?
  • Does your company take action to make agents comfortable and have fun?
  • Do your product leaders think about up-training and change mgmt. with the call center, as it makes updates and changes to products so agents feel in the know and ready?

You write vision statements, you create marketing budgets, you source product, you hire executive teams to create an amazing brand in the market place.  So your brand is everything.  And everything is riding on every call.